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Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys released these cool buttons for the holiday season.

They play a New Year’s Eve event called First Night Boston 2011 where you buy a button for $18 that grants entry to an entire festival.  Check out the schedule here.

Listen to, and watch Army of Broken Toys here!

Check out this rad CTA card used on trains and buses featuring a hotdog vendor wearing a “2010” badge.

It’s promotion for The Cross-town Classic in Chicago when two baseball home teams play each other, connected by the Red Line L.

Buttons are an integral part of Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles aka GHOULA, recently voted Best Host to Toast A Ghost by the LA Weekly!  Read the rest of this entry »

Check out an opening for the Busy Beaver Button-O-matic curated by Nathan McKee and Fake Your Own Death on November 5 featuring an awesome lineup of artists, like Bwana Spoons, Ty Ennas, and Rob Doran at the Fresh Pot in Portland, Oregon.

Learn more about the Button-O-matic project here.

Celebrate the life of a prolific musician and activist John Lennon with this button retrospective brought to you by the Busy Beaver Button Museum.

Mayor Daley vintage button retrospective

According to NPR, City of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley will not seek re-election.  Here’s a  button retrospective in the mean time…

Check out more Chicago collectibles at the Button Museum Opening on Friday!

Check out the hand-painted mural on Busy Beaver Button Co. at 3279 W. Armitage in Chicago thanks to artist Patrick Griffin.

Soap Box Derby Buttons are collected, exchanged, and made by Busy Beaver Button Co.

Each year, thousands of children compete in the All American Soap Box Derby. These children build their own cars and race down hills in local races in their hometowns and rally races across the country and around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue, and used square buttons for their fundraiser.

Chicago dog-loving pals hosted a benefit for the Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue, and used awesome square buttons as part of their fundraiser.

Support for the event came from Danny’s Bar, some excellent shepherd-lovin’ t-shirts, as well as buttons designed by Kim Soss and donated by their fellow mammals, Busy Beaver Button Co.

Do your dog a favor and visit the CSR here.  Setup a fundraiser with buttons here!

Delightful German Shepard Cupcakes for the CSR Benefit in Chicago

Young Illinoisians making music and competing to win free buttons from Busy Beaver

The Illinois Parks and Recreation Association organizes the Illinois State Battle of the Bands every year to showcase 120 teen bands, culminating in the Springfield finals where the first place band wins…custom buttons from Busy Beaver Button Co.!

In it’s eighth year of motivating young musicians, the ultimate Battle of the Bands is on Saturday, August 21 from 12-5pm at “The Shed” at the Illinois State Fair.

Lisle Park District Recreation Supervisor Mike Gianatasio writes,

We run this event each year because we know how hard it can be to give young bands a place to play.

Having buttons for the winning band is a huge part in getting that band’s name out there.  By having something as simple as a button with your band’s name/logo on it gives any young musician a sense of accomplishment and gives them a sense that their band is legitimate.

That translates into motivation to keep perusing their dream.

Click here for more info about the Battle of the Bands.  You can also check out Cheap Trick with Blondie on August 20 at the State Fair, with more info here.  And as always, you can order your own band buttons here.