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Save-the-date magnets have become quite a trend over the last several years— step into the apartment of any early 30-something and you’re sure to find 4 or 5 posted on the fridge. Check out these save-the-date magnets created by Busy Beaver:
custom magnets
custom magnetsThat’s right— Busy Beaver Button Co. makes magnets. We can customize any of our button sizes into magnets. So if you’re looking to do a traditional 2-inch square magnet like the examples above, or a more creative 1.75-inch oval in glow-in-the-dark, Busy Beaver can help you out. Just email for pricing and we’ll help get your project started!

For more unique wedding ideas check out the Busy Beaver Button Blog.

GR!C 2011 Summer Camp is officially in session! Check out the buttons the ladies ordered for their summer kick-off party. Featuring the album artwork from the 2010 sessions, these buttons are perfect use of the 2-inch square buttons:

custom buttonsFor more information on the camp go to

We spied what appears to be an antique royal wedding button in this piece from the BBC on the history of royal wedding souvenirs.
The director of the Museum of Brands in London (pictured here) explains that souvenir companies have been cashing in on royal weddings for over a century; the first appearance of commemorative mementos dates back to Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840. While royal weddings of the past were commemorated with objects like decorative plates and mustard tins, modern day royal wedding fare includes such oddities as a Charles and Diana rubik’s cube and William and Kate Twinings teabags.

Considering the hysteria surrounding tomorrow’s royal nuptials, Busy Beaver suggests adding this custom 2-inch square button to the list of wacky wedding souvenirs:

custom buttonTo make your own wacky wedding souvenirs, shop now at

You’ve probably seen these funky little graphics showing up in magazines, billboards, and even on custom buttons over the last couple of years. But what the heck are they?
custom buttonThose are QR codes (quick response codes) and they’ve become one of the newest marketing trends in the United States. Like barcodes, QR codes are encoded with information. Scan the graphic with your smartphone and you’ll immediately be linked to a website or data like a virtual business card pops up. Being a relatively low cost marketing tool, many companies have recently been adding QR codes to their advertising.

Want to take advantage of this new marketing tactic but don’t know how? Contact and we’ll customize a QR code for you to use on 1-inch square, 1.5-inch square, or 2-inch square buttons.

For other innovative button products, shop now at

Busy Beaver is known for our production of political buttons. So it was no surprise when the folks at Northcoast Zeitgeist contacted us with their idea to rally support around the Wisconsin unions— create custom buttons, of course!

Check out their designs below.

Though Governor Scott Walker signed into law last week a measure to take collective bargaining rights away from public workers, the debate in Wisconin is far from over. Northcoast Zeitgeist has generously offered their designs free of charge for Busy Beavers customers to use for their own order of buttons.

Here’s how you can create your own Wisconsin Rally buttons:

1. Click on each image below to download a high-res PDF. Each design is already placed on a Busy Beaver Button template and ready for print!
2. Go to the Busy Beaver Shop and select the size button you want to create. Northcoast Zeitgeist has provided 4 designs on 2.25-inch round buttons, 6 designs on 2-inch square buttons, and 2 designs on 1.75-inch oval buttons.
3. In the Busy Beaver Shop, choose Standard, then Full Color.
4. Upload the artwork PDF, enter quantity and add to cart.
5. Choose shipping and billing options. Standard turnaround time is 5 business days plus shipping. Need them sooner? Email