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The Poetry Foundation has been ordering their famous Eric Gill Pegasus buttons from Busy Beaver for almost a decade. Not only are the folks at the Poetry Foundation one of Busy Beaver‘s oldest clients, they are also some of the most innovative. In 2010, they commissioned us to create custom 2.25-inch buttons using salvaged letterpress posters. And this year they are celebrating the launch of their new poetry iPhone app with custom 1.25-inch and 2.25-inch buttons. Take a look:

custom buttons

Catherine Halley, online editor for the Poetry Foundation, says of the new app and buttons, “I call the app a poetry slot machine—you shake your phone and up comes a random combination of mood and subject (e.g., pessimism and nature, insecurity and love) and a list of poems that fit that combination. Once you click into a poem, you can then share a line or the title or the poem itself via Facebook, Twitter or email. The buttons represent each of the moods or subjects in the app. At the Open House, we’ll go up to random strangers, shake the phone and give people the buttons that correspond to whatever subject/mood combination they got. For example, if someone spins the Poetry app and lands on “Anger” and “Family”, they’ll get one button with the word “Anger” on it and one button with a picture of a two parents and a child.”

Be sure to join the Poetry Foundation on June 25 and 26 to celebrate its new public building dedicated to poetry. For more info go to

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Busy Beaver presents the third and final installment of custom button couture wedding accessories by designer Love Lulu Mae. Check out the unique bridal bouquet created with multi-colored 3-inch round and 1-inch square buttons:

custom wedding buttons

photo by Maypole Studios

custom wedding buttons

photo by Maypole Studios

custom wedding buttons

photo by Maypole Studios

Busy Beaver recently sat down with Ms. Lula Mae herself, Agnes B. Miles, to get her take on all things bridal.

You don’t just make button-themed accessories. What other pieces do you design?
I make bridal pieces and always try to incorporate vintage findings to give a classic piece a custom flare. I also take custom orders, which allow my clients to use the materials I have to create a piece that is unique to them. But no matter what I’m making, there are always feathers!

Is it true you made a piece for Oprah? What did Ms. O’s headpiece look like?
It is true! I made Oprah a little cocktail hat along with a bright orange and blue headband with a big cameo on it for the 2010 Oscar gift bag.

What bridal trends are you digging now?
Bridal hats are the trend of this season. I’m also loving the color champagne instead of white. Even though it isn’t white, it gives any wedding an elegant glow in the room!

Say Yes to the Dress or Bridezillas?
Bridezillas, of course! We love the drama!

What button are you wearing right now?
Right now I have on a Marilyn Monroe button on my blazer. It adds a little excitement to any outfit!

Love, Lula Mae accessories can be found at Faire Frou Frou in LA, Sofia in Chicago or online at or

Did you know every button made by Busy Beaver Button Co. automatically gains entry into the Busy Beaver Button Museum? Check out all of the camps that have buttoned up with Busy Beaver over the past 15 years:

Custom ButtonsBecome part of history! Place your button order now with Busy Beaver Button Co.

Be sure to check back in two weeks for the next installment of Museum Monday.

Have you buttoned up against fur? These monsters, courtesy of Peta, have!

custom buttonsBe sure to check out the PINNACLE: Reinvent The Icon Pin Contest sponsored by Busy Beaver Button Co. Design a button with an anti-fur message for a chance to win prizes. Click here for details and to enter.

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Kittens are so hot right now. They are posing alongside Andy Samberg in Wired magazine, starring in mysterious Japanese game shows, wearing Kitty Wigs on Animal Planet, and, of course, appearing on custom buttons. Check out the recent cat-themed buttons our customers have ordered:

custom buttonsClockwise from top left: 1-inch buttons for the 16th annual Asian American showcase at The Gene Siskel Film Center, 1-inch glow in the dark buttons for art collective Pussyhouse Propaganda in Fort Worth, 1-inch buttons for the band Meow vs. Meow, 1-inch buttons by Manhead Merch for the band Klaxons, 1.25-inch party favor buttons for a 2nd birthday party, and 1.5-inch square buttons for picture book Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker.

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With the Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami having occurred almost a month ago, national news has turned its coverage away from the devastated country to more pressing topics like Libya, the 2012 election, and, of course, the Bronx Zoo cobra.

But the recovery efforts in Japan are ongoing and the country could still benefit from foreign aid. The Red Cross is still taking donations and a few Busy Beaver customers are using custom buttons to help raise money. Check out this recent order from

custom buttons

Bryan Flynn of Botto Arts created these stylish 1-inch buttons:

custom buttonsFlynn says, “When I think of U.S.-Japan relations I think of the D.C. cherry blossoms, so I created a stylized blossom atop the red sun that sits centered in Japan’s national flag.” All profits from the sale of Flynn’s buttons goes to the International Medical Corps.

Are you using buttons in an inspiring way? Email with your button story.

“Northcoast Zeitgeist is the brainchild of Casey Myers and Joseph Hughes, two hard-working, progressive Midwesterners located in Kent, Ohio,” who also happen to be fantastic button designers fueled by the Buckeye spirit.

Check out their rad website and new 1.25-inch button collection here.

If you wanna know who makes their buttons…click here!

fmp clothing uses 1.25-inch buttons to promote their clothing brand

fmp clothing is a partnership between Ashton Vaughn and Cameron Cox based on a shared love for freedom of design.  Their bold tee shirts reflect this sentiment, and translates well to custom buttons.  Founder Ashton Vaughn writes,

I found you guys in a Google search. I was looking for a place that made custom buttons for a reasonable price and Busy Beaver was the first choice for me and I do not regret it at all!

Your buttons look great because you design them.  Check out fmp clothing here!

fmp clothing offers a 10% discount code on their homepage right now!

Art installation of 10,000 buttons on a 40 by 12 foot wall by Anders Nilsen

The Chicago art button scene adores Anders Nilsen for his installations at a private residence and Lula Cafe.  Hold onto your pin-backs for his largest piece yet.

Pictured is the newest work by Nilsen at Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago, a composite of more than 10,000 custom one-inch, 1.25-inch, and 1.5-inch art buttons on a wall measuring 40 feet long.

Detail of art buttons glued to nails and installed at Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago

Anders visited Busy Beaver Button Co. after hours, and individually die cut each button from a diagram of the Sun, Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, some Native American Petroglyphs, an 1884 ad for tobacco, and more.

Buttons were assembled on behalf of him by the skilled button-makers here at Busy Beaver, and each image is different.

"This is Not the World and How to See it: A Short Idiosyncratic History of Visual Culture in 10,000 Small Round Shiny Fragments" by Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen writes about the experience in his blog,

The installation was kind of insane. It ended up being 45 hours over the course of five days, and I had people helping me four out of five of the days. And that was just the time spent actually putting the buttons up. Four people helped me the last day, Monday.

You can watch a time lapse movie of the entire button installation on Anders Nilsen’s blog, The Monologuist, too.  Click here for more info about Anders Nilsen.

<<Make 10,000 buttons for your wall at

Swap-bot metallic buttons put the Busy Beaver January Special into action

Swap-bot is a free community where swappers connect, share, and have fun.  The site has grown from a simple utility to a meeting place where at any given time there are over 500 public swaps hosted.  This month, Swap-bot took advantage of the Busy Beaver January Special to make the metallic 1.25-inch buttons pictured above.  Founder Rachel Johnson writes,

I found Busy Beaver over five years ago through an internet search. I originally ordered buttons from Busy Beaver for personal use, and loved the quality. When needed buttons, I knew just where to turn! We use our buttons in a general way to promote the site. We hand them out at craft fairs and other fun events, and I send the buttons in all of my swap packages. I have sent Swap-bot buttons all over the world!

We admire your ingenuity, Swap-Bot!  Click here to check ’em out and start your swapping!

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