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The Poetry Foundation has been ordering their famous Eric Gill Pegasus buttons from Busy Beaver for almost a decade. Not only are the folks at the Poetry Foundation one of Busy Beaver‘s oldest clients, they are also some of the most innovative. In 2010, they commissioned us to create custom 2.25-inch buttons using salvaged letterpress posters. And this year they are celebrating the launch of their new poetry iPhone app with custom 1.25-inch and 2.25-inch buttons. Take a look:

custom buttons

Catherine Halley, online editor for the Poetry Foundation, says of the new app and buttons, “I call the app a poetry slot machine—you shake your phone and up comes a random combination of mood and subject (e.g., pessimism and nature, insecurity and love) and a list of poems that fit that combination. Once you click into a poem, you can then share a line or the title or the poem itself via Facebook, Twitter or email. The buttons represent each of the moods or subjects in the app. At the Open House, we’ll go up to random strangers, shake the phone and give people the buttons that correspond to whatever subject/mood combination they got. For example, if someone spins the Poetry app and lands on “Anger” and “Family”, they’ll get one button with the word “Anger” on it and one button with a picture of a two parents and a child.”

Be sure to join the Poetry Foundation on June 25 and 26 to celebrate its new public building dedicated to poetry. For more info go to

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Not just gratuitous shots of the ladies of Busy Beaver, these pics show off how custom 2.25-inch buttons can be used as nifty name tags. Take a look!

custom button
custom buttonThe pre-made buttons can be customized with the use of a simple Sharpie® marker. Just write your name on the face of the button, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then pin on and start mingling!

Knitting community Ravelry uses these style of custom name tags for all of their events. And several recent wedding clients have asked for similar designs for their rehearsal dinners.

So if you’re headed to a business conference, convention, or family reunion this summer, be sure to bring along your own set of custom name tag buttons— it’ll help old Uncle Eddy remember that, yes, you are Cousin Dave’s daughter Denise.

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Return customer Molly Dilworth recently buttoned up for her grandmother’s upcoming 100th birthday. The custom 1.5-inch buttons feature pics of her grandma and the rim text states ‘Let’s just be spontaneous’. Take a look!

customs buttonsMolly says of the buttons, “I used you guys for my wedding buttons last year and my most recent project is for my grandma’s 100th b-day party coming up this July in San Diego. Her name is Eleanor Dilworth and she was born in 1911. She’s lived by her personal mantra, ‘Let’s just be spontaneous’ for a century.”

Molly, your grandma seems like a character! We’d loved to swap stories with Mrs. Dilworth over a sarsaparilla sometime. Eleanor, next time you’re in Chicago, give Busy Beaver a call.

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The Indianapolis 500 turns 100 this Memorial Day Weekend. Will you be there partyin’ in the Snake Pit?
Custom ButtonsLong known for drunken debauchery, streaking, and even impromptu mud wrestling, the Snake Pit is now more of a festive party than the Mardi Gras of the Hoosier State. Located in the turn three infield, party goers need a VIP pass to get in. Check out the Snake Pit’s official Facebook page for event details.

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Excited about creating a modern family photo display with buttons? Here are a few tips for easy installation of your mural:

custom buttons

1. Commission Anders Nilsen— he’ll do all the dirty work! Nilsen is the Michelangelo of button murals and knows all the secrets to perfecting your family photo button display. His previous installations include a 10,000 piece mural so he’ll definitely be able to tackle your family tree! You can contact Anders Nilsen at; prices depend on the size and scope of your button mural project.

2. Nail ’em! Expert Anders Nilsen creates his murals by adhering buttons to nail heads that have been placed strategically on a wall. We can’t give away Nilsen’s secrets to making them stick, but we can tell you it’s not chewing gum.

3. Use Magnets! Magnets are a great solution for apartment dwellers who have limited space. Just pop your family photos on the fridge and be reminded of crazy Uncle Carl every time you grab a cold one.

4. Pin on Cork board. Production manager, Joel Carter, displays his button collection on a cork tiled wall in his kitchen. Whether you stick your family photo buttons in a cork wall or on a simple bulletin board, cork is a great semi-permanent solution for your family photo button mural.

5. Frame ’em! For smaller quantities, like a mural of just your immediate family, buttons can be adhered with poster tack within a shadow box frame. If you’re feeling extra creative, make a heart-shaped display.

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Looking for a unique way to display your family photos? Try a button mural! Check out the mural artist Anders Nilsen created for a family in Chicago:

Creative director Tereasa Surratt commissioned Nilsen to create a mural for her family’s home after seeing his massive 10,000 button installation at Ogilvy & Mather. Surratt’s home has a very distinct, modern look— it has been featured in Dwell magazine— so she wanted an equally unconventional way to display family photos and mementos.

A selection of family photos and textures from family heirlooms were used to produce 984 custom buttons. Six generations are represented in the mural  in a variety of shapes and sizes.

custom buttons
custom buttons

custom buttonsLooking to start your own family button mural? Place your custom button order now at and for easy installation tips check back to the blog next week!

Have you entered the Kitty Wigs + Busy Beaver giveaway? You should! By using coupon code KittyWigs2011, you will receive 10% off your Busy Beaver Button Co. button order AND be automatically entered to win. Check out the cool custom buttons customers have made using the KittyWigs2011 code:

custom buttons

Kitty Wigs + Busy Beaver have elevated Ramen noodles to high art…

custom buttons…helped raise money for Japan

custom buttons…and partied with Steve glow-in-the-dark style at his 50th birthday. How will you use the Kitty Wigs + Busy Beaver promo?

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You’ve probably seen these funky little graphics showing up in magazines, billboards, and even on custom buttons over the last couple of years. But what the heck are they?
custom buttonThose are QR codes (quick response codes) and they’ve become one of the newest marketing trends in the United States. Like barcodes, QR codes are encoded with information. Scan the graphic with your smartphone and you’ll immediately be linked to a website or data like a virtual business card pops up. Being a relatively low cost marketing tool, many companies have recently been adding QR codes to their advertising.

Want to take advantage of this new marketing tactic but don’t know how? Contact and we’ll customize a QR code for you to use on 1-inch square, 1.5-inch square, or 2-inch square buttons.

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Custom buttons are a great way to spread the word about your lost dog or cat, but what about a missing venomous snake? In an effort to help the Bronx Zoo recover their fugitive cobra, the Busy Beavers have put together a set of custom 3-inch buttons. Take a look:

And since the snake is on the lam, we’ve referenced the cobra’s tweets to create composites of possible disguises:

According to the rules of Twitter, I think I’m supposed to announce a multi-city comedy tour now. Right @ConanOBrien & @CharlieSheen? [Bronx Zoo’s Cobra/Twitter]

Taking the Sex and the City Tour!!! I’m totally a SSSamantha. #snakeonthetown [Bronx Zoo’s Cobra/Twitter]

Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly? [Bronx Zoo’s Cobra/Twitter]

In front of the diner used in Seinfeld. Niiice! They’re real and they’re spectacular. #myfangs #snakeonthetown [Bronx Zoo’s Cobra/Twitter]

The Bronx Zoo cobra is considered armed and dangerous. Well, not armed— snakes don’t have arms. But if you see it, please alert your local mongoose.

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“Why just play a record when you can wear it too?” asks Playbutton upon entering their website. In a world of band-branded t-shirts, hats, and even snuggies, Playbutton brings an innovative new product to the merch table: button-shaped MP3 players. On sale now at Opening Ceremony, you can purchase custom buttons featuring songs by Vampire Weekend, Björk, Matthew Dear, and more!

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