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GR!C 2011 Summer Camp is officially in session! Check out the buttons the ladies ordered for their summer kick-off party. Featuring the album artwork from the 2010 sessions, these buttons are perfect use of the 2-inch square buttons:

custom buttonsFor more information on the camp go to

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Win ButtonsPurchase buttons through and use coupon code TOUR2011 at checkout to enter for your chance to win. Two lucky winners will receive 50 full color 1-inch buttons AND a Square card reader. Whether you’re hitting the road with your band or touring the summer craft show circuit, with the Square card reader you’ll be able to accept credit card payments on the spot! To sign up for the service go to

Limit 2 entries per customer. Coupon code is valid May 5 – 20, 2011. Winners will be chosen at random and notified on May 23, 2011. Questions? Email

Kittens are so hot right now. They are posing alongside Andy Samberg in Wired magazine, starring in mysterious Japanese game shows, wearing Kitty Wigs on Animal Planet, and, of course, appearing on custom buttons. Check out the recent cat-themed buttons our customers have ordered:

custom buttonsClockwise from top left: 1-inch buttons for the 16th annual Asian American showcase at The Gene Siskel Film Center, 1-inch glow in the dark buttons for art collective Pussyhouse Propaganda in Fort Worth, 1-inch buttons for the band Meow vs. Meow, 1-inch buttons by Manhead Merch for the band Klaxons, 1.25-inch party favor buttons for a 2nd birthday party, and 1.5-inch square buttons for picture book Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker.

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For the release of Overlord‘s album, In Soviet Russia My Heart Breaks You, this month the band ordered these custom 1.25-inch buttons:
custom buttonsThe button on the left is inspired by the comedy stylings of Yakov Smirnoff, while the one on the right is a detail from Boris Vladimirski’s painting “Roses for Stalin.” To see more Soviet parodies and the band’s touring schedule, go to

In America you buy buttons, in Soviet Russia buttons buy you! Shop now at

Just announced: Record Store Day 2011 limited edition 3-inch Busy Beaver buttons! The four faux vinyl album designs pictured here are currently available for sale at Limited time only!
custom buttonsAnd soon to be released from Beaver Dam Productions, the Best of the Beaver CD compilation! It will feature 20 chart topping hits including:

“I Like Big Buttons” by Biz E. Beave

“I Want To Hold Your Tail” by The Beavtles

“All The Single Beavers” by Beavoncé

“God Only Gnaws” by The Beave Boys

“Wild Beavers” by The Rolling Logs

and many more!

Get your limited edition Record Store Day 2011 buttons now at

Ozzy SealFounded in 2007, Record Store Day is “the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.” Many artists choose that day to make special performances and release limited edition vinyl, CD, and promotional products— it’s like Christmas morning for vinyl lovers and super fans.

This year’s Record Store Day falls on April 16 and includes special releases from RadioheadSubPop Records, and a Frank Kozik limited edition vinyl figure. The Busy Beavers are psyched about the White Stripes reissue from Third Man Records— limited quantities will be available on red and black swirled vinyl!

Looking for a unique way to promote your band or record store this April 16? Try buttons! You can include a 1-inch button as a freebie on a limited edition vinyl record, put your band’s cover art on a square button, or promote your record store. Shop now at

What better way to celebrate LCD Soundsystem’s last show ever than with a set of custom 1-inch buttons? Check out the three stylish, black and white buttons the band ordered just in time for their farewell performance this Saturday at Madison Square Gardens. Can’t make it to the Garden? Watch the performance live online at

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courtesy of

“Why just play a record when you can wear it too?” asks Playbutton upon entering their website. In a world of band-branded t-shirts, hats, and even snuggies, Playbutton brings an innovative new product to the merch table: button-shaped MP3 players. On sale now at Opening Ceremony, you can purchase custom buttons featuring songs by Vampire Weekend, Björk, Matthew Dear, and more!

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SXSW officially begins today in Austin! If you are headed down to the Lone Star State be sure to check out White Mystery and Brontosaurus, two bands featuring members of the Busy Beaver staff:

photo by Diane White

White Mystery

Ferocious red-head brother/sister duo from Chicago: Miss Alex White + Francis Scott Key White

3/15 9:00pm    Club DeVille (900 Red River)
3/16 3:30pm    Trailer Space (Ste A 1401 Rosewood Ave.)
3/17 6:00pm    Headhunters (720 Red River St.)
3/18 4:00pm    Trailer Space (Ste A 1401 Rosewood Ave.)
3/19 7:00pm    Beerland (711 Red River St.)

For more info go to


The dynamic duo of Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo

3/16 5:30pm    Hyde Park & Grille (4521 West Gate Blvd.)
3/16 7:30pm    Cedar Door (201 Brazos St.)

For more info go to or support their record Cold Comes To Claim on

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Guided By Voices was the first ever Busy Beaver Button Co.  Now we’re all grown up and celebrating our 15th anniversaries! Read the rest of this entry »