The Poetry Foundation has been ordering their famous Eric Gill Pegasus buttons from Busy Beaver for almost a decade. Not only are the folks at the Poetry Foundation one of Busy Beaver‘s oldest clients, they are also some of the most innovative. In 2010, they commissioned us to create custom 2.25-inch buttons using salvaged letterpress posters. And this year they are celebrating the launch of their new poetry iPhone app with custom 1.25-inch and 2.25-inch buttons. Take a look:

custom buttons

Catherine Halley, online editor for the Poetry Foundation, says of the new app and buttons, “I call the app a poetry slot machine—you shake your phone and up comes a random combination of mood and subject (e.g., pessimism and nature, insecurity and love) and a list of poems that fit that combination. Once you click into a poem, you can then share a line or the title or the poem itself via Facebook, Twitter or email. The buttons represent each of the moods or subjects in the app. At the Open House, we’ll go up to random strangers, shake the phone and give people the buttons that correspond to whatever subject/mood combination they got. For example, if someone spins the Poetry app and lands on “Anger” and “Family”, they’ll get one button with the word “Anger” on it and one button with a picture of a two parents and a child.”

Be sure to join the Poetry Foundation on June 25 and 26 to celebrate its new public building dedicated to poetry. For more info go to

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