Summer camp isn’t just for the kids anymore! Check out Busy Beaver‘s top three choices for adult summer camps (and the appropriate custom camp button).

Champ Camp

Forget Nessie! The States has its own lake monster and the folks at Believe It Tour have developed a whole camp around its legend. Nicknamed “Champ,” the elusive cryptid allegedly resides in Lake Champlain, a freshwater lake on the border of New York, Vermont, and Canada. Campers use high tech underwater audio and video equipment to search for evidence of Champ’s existence. Non monster related activities include water ecology workshops, nature hikes, and the standard campfire cookout.
When: August 12-14
Where: Button Bay State Park (love the name!), Vermont
Attending: Cryptozoologists, mystery solving teens, talking Great Danes
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Spy Camp

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to become the true weekend warrior. Spend your hard earned vacation time learning 21st-century espionage techniques in the Arizona desert. From evasive driving skills to how to plan and execute a full scale hostage rescue mission, you’ll learn it all from former Green Berets and ex-CIA operatives. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.
When: weekends throughout the year
Where: Tucson, Arizona
Attending: Fans of True Lies, owners of “Federal Body Inspector” t-shirts
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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

Imagine Willy Wonka with pale ale instead of chocolate and you’ve got the gist of the drool-inducing weekend that is the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. The camp is only open to a select few— the “golden ticket” holders who gain entrance by winning a video essay contest. But once in, campers get the run of the facilities— activities include an in-depth tour of the bottling line and hop rooms, a meeting with the brew masters, and, of course, brewing.

When: August – September, by invitation only
Where: Chico, CA
Attending: Everyone (it’s beer)
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