Heading out into the wilderness this summer? 75% of all camp related injuries can be prevented by proper custom button preparation. Ward off mountain lion, bear, and rabid beaver attacks with these helpful button tips:

Vintage Buttons

vintage buttons courtesy of hakes.com

1. Make noise. Wear your button collection on a name badge lanyard. The noise of the buttons clanging together will act as a bear bell, thus scaring away the wild animals.

2. Play dead. Drop to the ground, cover the back of your neck, and don’t move. Maybe the mountain lion just wants to admire your kitten buttons. Lying still will give him a chance to take a look and move on.

3. Fight! If the animal attack is unavoidable, fight back by using your button collection as Chinese throwing stars. A 2.25-inch button in the eye will slow down any angry bear.

4. Buddy System. Just as in button-making, hiking is best done in groups. While you’re fighting off a rabid beaver with your limited edition Chuck Norris button, your friend can run for help.

5. Bandage up. Worst comes to worst, a 1-inch button is a stylish way to fasten a tourniquet.

Always be prepared! Shop now at busybeaver.net to button up in time for the summer.