It’s officially wedding season! From party favor to bridal party buttons, Busy Beaver has been getting a ton of custom wedding button requests. Check out these campaign-themed wedding buttons designed by Keith Rein of Paper Thin Design:

custom buttonInspired by the location— the wedding took place on a farm the groom owns in Georgia— Rein came up with an “old timey political banquet” theme for the invitations. The bride and groom loved the idea and even came up with the slogans for their custom 2.25-inch buttons:

Custom ButtonsAt the wedding, each bridesmaids pinned a bride button to their dress and all the groomsmen wore a groom button as part of their boutonniere. Buttons were available for guests— everyone chose which “candidate” they supported and donned the appropriate button:

custom buttonsGood luck Tom and Jenna— may your lives together be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, and full of custom buttons.

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