Looking for a great, low-cost art activity for your kids’ next school event or birthday party? Hire the Busy Beaver Buttoneers! Check out the kiddos from The Green Bean (an eco friendly nursery) creating their own buttons at a recent Buttoneer event:

custom button makingChristen Carter (pictured here) pre-cut enough paper for about 50 2.5-inch buttons and let the kids go to town with the markers. Once their marker masterpieces were complete, Christen used a portable button machine to hand crank the paper into custom buttons. The kids create the art and the Buttoneers take care of all the moving pieces. Then, ta-da! Custom artwork the whole family can wear!

Not just for birthday parties, the Buttoneers have also made appearances at the Chicago Public Library and Pitchfork. If you’re interested in hiring the Busy Beaver Buttoneers for your next event please email orders@busybeaver.net.