What do you get when you combine drunk beavers, thinly disguised references to illegal drug use, and dancing bacon? The Poor Taste magazine and Busy Beaver Button Co. limited edition button pack! Check it out:

Custom ButtonsSpecially designed by Busy Beaver for the release of Poor Taste’s ranking of the 100 Best Brunch Spots in America, the button pack is the brainchild of the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, K. Tighe. Busy Beaver recently sat down with Ms. Tighe, a notorious lover of all things bacon, to get her thoughts on Bloody Marys, beavers, and, of course, buttons.

How do you like your eggs?

I’m a sucker for a good Benedict, but I’ll pretty much throw a fried egg on top of anything.

Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

Yes, please.

Chicago had the number one cult restaurant but we fell to number five for the brunch list. What gives?

I know, it’s a tough blow for Chicago but you guys will get through this okay. It was a tough pancake-to-pancake battle between Clinton St. Baking (the NYC spot that took the number one place) and The Bongo Room (the Chicago spot that placed number 5), but at the end of the day — literally — you can get incredible pancakes at Clinton St. Baking. They serve them for dinner. Now that’s a brunch commitment.

Any thoughts on the current Top Chef Masters? They recently had an insect challenge — we’re waiting for the bark and log challenge.

Actually, I could really get behind a Bûche de Noël Top Chef Challenge — Bravo would be smart to bring cake into primetime. Look at what that’s done for the Food Network. The insect thing doesn’t bother me — it was clearly done to pull a bigger audience for that night but it actually makes some sense. Insects can be tasty, and they’re chock full of protein. Plus we all drink them in our wine anyway, so why not be up front about it? I’d eat insects, the only thing I draw the line on is tortoise.

What button are you wearing right now?

I’m proudly sporting an “In Farmers We Trust” button I nabbed at a GOOD magazine party in Chicago a few years ago.

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