Kittens are so hot right now. They are posing alongside Andy Samberg in Wired magazine, starring in mysterious Japanese game shows, wearing Kitty Wigs on Animal Planet, and, of course, appearing on custom buttons. Check out the recent cat-themed buttons our customers have ordered:

custom buttonsClockwise from top left: 1-inch buttons for the 16th annual Asian American showcase at The Gene Siskel Film Center, 1-inch glow in the dark buttons for art collective Pussyhouse Propaganda in Fort Worth, 1-inch buttons for the band Meow vs. Meow, 1-inch buttons by Manhead Merch for the band Klaxons, 1.25-inch party favor buttons for a 2nd birthday party, and 1.5-inch square buttons for picture book Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker.

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