With the Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami having occurred almost a month ago, national news has turned its coverage away from the devastated country to more pressing topics like Libya, the 2012 election, and, of course, the Bronx Zoo cobra.

But the recovery efforts in Japan are ongoing and the country could still benefit from foreign aid. The Red Cross is still taking donations and a few Busy Beaver customers are using custom buttons to help raise money. Check out this recent order from JapanMoms.org:

custom buttons

Bryan Flynn of Botto Arts created these stylish 1-inch buttons:

custom buttonsFlynn says, “When I think of U.S.-Japan relations I think of the D.C. cherry blossoms, so I created a stylized blossom atop the red sun that sits centered in Japan’s national flag.” All profits from the sale of Flynn’s buttons goes to the International Medical Corps.

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