Busy Beaver Button Co. and the Wisconsin Film Festival have a long history together; we’ve been supplying the fest with custom 1-inch buttons since nearly the beginning. We recently talked to Meg Hamel, director of the fest, about why Wisconsinites love their buttons “as much as getting hot popcorn with real butter.”

“The Wisconsin Film Festival gives away 8,000 buttons during our five-day festival and we could easily hand out more! Volunteers and festival attendees show up with their collected buttons pinned to book bags, jackets, etc. We now use shoelace-style name badge lanyards for our volunteers because everyone likes the wider lanyards to hold their button collections.”

“I like being able to hand out buttons in line to customers waiting to get into films. It’s nice way to hang out with everyone attending the festival. We run out before the end of the festival but that helps keep the buttons coveted. If we ever tried to produce a film festival without our buttons there’d be a riot. Everyone expects and loves them.”

The Wisconsin Film Festival begins next week in Madison. For ticket info go to wifilmfest.org.

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