Busy Beaver is known for our production of political buttons. So it was no surprise when the folks at Northcoast Zeitgeist contacted us with their idea to rally support around the Wisconsin unions— create custom buttons, of course!

Check out their designs below.

Though Governor Scott Walker signed into law last week a measure to take collective bargaining rights away from public workers, the debate in Wisconin is far from over. Northcoast Zeitgeist has generously offered their designs free of charge for Busy Beavers customers to use for their own order of buttons.

Here’s how you can create your own Wisconsin Rally buttons:

1. Click on each image below to download a high-res PDF. Each design is already placed on a Busy Beaver Button template and ready for print!
2. Go to the Busy Beaver Shop and select the size button you want to create. Northcoast Zeitgeist has provided 4 designs on 2.25-inch round buttons, 6 designs on 2-inch square buttons, and 2 designs on 1.75-inch oval buttons.
3. In the Busy Beaver Shop, choose Standard, then Full Color.
4. Upload the artwork PDF, enter quantity and add to cart.
5. Choose shipping and billing options. Standard turnaround time is 5 business days plus shipping. Need them sooner? Email orders@busybeaver.net