This cute post about kid-friendly street art has been making the rounds on the blogosphere this week.
Inspired by a viewing of “Exit Through the Gift Shopthis crafty family went to work creating street art that wouldn’t damage their neighborhood. Think Banksy minus the threat of being arrested for vandalism. The kids painted silly faces on rocks then placed their creations in unexpected spots around town while Dad recorded with his camera.

This got us thinking— what other materials could kids use for street art projects besides painted rocks? Check out the Busy Beaver list of 5 Kid-Friendly Street Art Materials:

1. Magnets: Twipple founder Floyd Hayes uses magnetized buttons as his own form of removable graffiti. Hayes says magnets are “less ‘aggressive’ than paint, pens or stickers. They just lift off – how can anyone get cross at that?” Kiddos can customize their own magnets and place them on swing sets, bike racks, even Mom or Dad’s car.

2. Pipe Cleaners: A play on yarn bombing, craft store pipe cleaners can be used to wrap around telephone polls, parking meters, and more. Or get super creative and create an army of pipe cleaner animals to perch around town.

3. Buttons: A friendly form of tagging, kids can custom create their own buttons and pin them to community bulletin boards and friends’ backpacks.

4. Googly Eyes: This idea is a tad more permanent, but with double stick tape and a bag of googly eyes your kiddos can turn everyday objects into unexpected goofy faces.

5. Chalk: Most kids already own a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Encourage them to go beyond drawing hopscotch squares and create mini masterpieces for the neighborhood.

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