Welcome to 101 uses for buttons by the Busy Beaver Button Co. community!  While their purposes are infinite, this is a good start:

  1. Decode an inside joke
  2. Make wearable souvenirs
  3. Foretell the end of a popular movie
  4. Arrange in a heart shape
  5. Coordinate a one-inch design contest
  6. Wear your Love for Chicago
  7. Enlarge the design to make art
  8. Rally people to restore Fear/Sanity
  9. Scare people
  10. Throw a Halloween party
  11. Express your love for Ohio
  12. Identify volunteers
  13. Know who to “approach about ghosts or paranormal networking”
  14. Curate an NBA-themed art show
  15. Give peace a chance
  16. Promote your new music shop
  17. Commemorate 15 years of Guided By Voices
  18. Make a set of eight-bit pins
  19. Kawaii!
  20. Use as a digital download card
  21. Fill the world’s largest vending machine
  22. Breathe new life into letterpress prints
  23. Cover them with Dim Sum
  24. Make a mural
  25. Promote your local Soap Box Derby Racer
  26. Stick a radio in it
  27. Use as a price tag on a tee shirt
  28. Replace a lost button on a pea coat with a one-inch button
  29. Use as faux cuff links on a long sleeve shirt to be classy
  30. Decorate a snowman
  31. Hang curtains with buttons instead of sewing
  32. Send to your fans in self-addressed envelopes
  33. Make a family photo button for holiday cards
  34. Cover an entire jean jacket with buttons
  35. Use a magnet to put a little button on an even bigger button
  36. Construct an Alexander Caulder-style mobile with different size buttons
  37. Assemble entire words from buttons
  38. Pin a button on your favorite stuffed animal
  39. Create an entire Milky Way galaxy of glow-in-the-dark buttons
  40. Use as push pins on a cork bulletin board
  41. Stab into unsightly foam insulation
  42. Sell buttons as a fundraiser
  43. Distribute buttons in a gumball style vending machine
  44. Make a photo button of your lost dog to spread the word
  45. Draw on blank buttons with a sharpie or dry erase marker
  46. Glue buttons to a hair barrette or head band
  47. Pin a button to birthday gift ribbon
  48. Make a button with your contact info as a business card
  49. Promote your band’s record cover on square button
  50. Pin onto custom party favors at your wedding
  51. Use buttons to express yourself in an art show
  52. Design a variety of buttons with adjectives on them
  53. Give to acquaintances as evidence they met you
  54. Turn a skirt into koolats with a button to preserve your modesty
  55. Replace a missing screw in broken sunglasses with a pin
  56. Create a six degrees of Kevin Bacon sensation with buttons
  57. Use as a zipper pull on a hoodie
  58. Hold up the ceiling liner of your car with buttons
  59. Use as a name tag at network events
  60. Announce your opinion of the economy with a button
  61. Design a set of scary buttons for Halloween
  62. Propose to someone with a “Will you marry me?” button
  63. Mimic currency on a one-inch button, which is the size of a quarter
  64. Hide buttons containing mysterious messages
  65. Decorate table assignments with buttons
  66. Commemorate a fallen hero with photo buttons
  67. Get rich quick with buttons
  68. Promote your blog with custom buttons
  69. Nail buttons into a plank of wood. Sculpture!
  70. Present to your city’s mayor
  71. Make a button wall mosaic at a restaurant
  72. Commemorate the 1960s with buttons
  73. Make inexpensive party favors
  74. Sell original designs at a craft fair
  75. Give ghost-hunters buttons on your haunted bar tour
  76. Send buttons to alumni from your university
  77. Make a button that asks someone to buy you a drink
  78. Promote wigs for cats with custom buttons
  79. Give buttons as incentives to smart kids
  80. Use as a way to express your band name on a record cover design
  81. Magnetize buttons outside as a friendly form of a graffiti
  82. Pin a button to your bare chest (ouch!)
  83. Build a multi-generational button business
  84. Fix an embarrassing tear in your pants with a button
  85. Make a political statement with buttons
  86. Design buttons with hula hoops on them
  87. Make souvenirs
  88. Start a Button Museum
  89. Honor a departing Mayor
  90. Decorate ornaments for a Christmas tree
  91. Advertise a silkscreen poster show
  92. Write a book about buttons
  93. Find out who shot J.R.
  94. Include as a freebie a limited edition vinyl record
  95. Pop a balloon
  96. Shorten straps on a dress
  97. Trigger metal detectors at the airport
  98. Promote your Beard Council
  99. Design a square button of a robot head
  100. Be considered cute as a button
  101. Start a hundred-year old legacy