With the Buckeye spirit, it’s a pleasure to highlight the one-inch buttons buttons designed by the boutique Penelope’s for the new Button-O-matic SOUVENIR series, “based on a poster from the 30’s promoting Ohio nature and wildlife.”  Owner Joe Lauer explains,

We chose Ohio to celebrate our Midwest heritage and because although it is not commonly thought of as a travel destination, it is a great place to visit.

Ohio has been a theme for us personally and at Penelope’s for a while, and we wanted to commemorate our first road trip with our son to visit family outside of Sandusky.  Glad you like it.

We sure do, Joe!  Check out Penelope’s at 1913 West Division Street in Chicago, scope their wearable wares, and be sure to take their Button-O-matic vending machine for a whirl.