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RG Design e-mailed these awesome shots of their holiday card.  Founder and designer Ross Geerdes writes,

The 5″x7″ card is silk screened on 100 lb. Cover Spearmint French paper. Designs for 3 1″ button “ornaments” were designed and then printed and produced by Busy Beaver.

It will be mailed in a clear envelope with a red mailing label.

Thanks for making Busy Beaver part of your holiday celebration, Ross! Check out RG Design here.

Want to share how you use your buttons?  Contact Busy Beaver here.

FugScreens is a local silk screen studio hosting a Winter Art Show next Friday, December 3, 2010  in Chicago!

Activities include one-of-a-kind buttons, raffles, a mystery poster bin, new t-shirts, and goodie bags for all!  Click here for more info.

Busy Beaver Button Co. is closed Thursday 11/26 and Friday 11/27 and reopens Monday 11/29 at 9AM in Chicago.

Til then, check out this 95-year old Thanksgiving button on Hake’s website, or place your order for custom buttons here on

Thousands of logos are transformed into buttons here at Busy Beaver every year.

Logos are so important to corporate identities that redesigns garner substantial attention, like the news-worthy reactions to GAP and Urban Outfitters.

More quietly, the Busy Beaver Button Co. logo was updated to feature a button on his hat, a wider smile, and hand illustrated text.  The logo is round for obvious reasons.

American musician and cartoonist Archer Prewitt designed the original Busy Beaver Button Co. logo, and is responsible for perking it up as well.

You may recognize Prewitt from his bands Sea and Cake, The Coctails, and Sof’Boy Comics.

It’s a pleasure to make custom pins for the coolest people, and this year is the 15th Anniversary of Busy Beaver Button Co. We love you all, and thank you for making this all possible.

1.  Ray Bans Original Wayfarer SS Buttons

Need a gift for the button lover who has everything, including a lot of buttons?  Their future is so bright, they’ll need these button-patterned sunglasses.  Click here to scope ’em out.

2.  Badge Button Pin by Gavin Lucas

What’s the difference between all these buttons?  The graphics on them, of course.  Explore contemporary button art with this delightful page-turner.  Click here to get it on Amazon.

3.  I Have Everything Button by Busy Beaver Button Co.

What’s a stocking without buttons in it, or pinned on it?  Empty, I say!  Welcome back the perfect gift, “For the Person Who Has Everything…” with this 3-inch gag badge.  Click here to buy now.

It’s the 30th Anniversary of finding out, “Who shot J.R.”

Dallas was the highest rated TV episode ever at the time, with an estimated 83,000,000 people watching.

The cliff hanger was such a phenomenon that J.R. items were everywhere, like shirts, posters, JR Beer, and of course, buttons like this from the Busy Beaver Button Museum, were produced in high quantities.  According to Wikipedia,

During the presidential campaign of 1980 (which led to the election of Ronald Reagan), the Republicans edited an official badge saying, “A Democrat shot J.R.” which influenced the polls according to some sources.

Jimmy Carter claimed that he would have had no problem financing his campaign if he had known who shot J.R.

Make your own custom, promotional, or campaign buttons here.

Since British proto-punk took the buttoned-up album cover spotlight yesterday, it’s probably fair to shout-out to it’s British twin, New Wave music, exemplified here by power pop idol, Joe Jackson.

Right outta the Busy Beaver Button Museum is this rare, double ten-inch by Jackson called Look Sharp! which includes a one-inch pin-back in a circular die cut area of the record cover.

The release includes the hit, “Is She Really Going Out with Him?”

Buttons were a big force in eighties music, including collectible badges for Blondie, Elvis Costello, and this guy:

You may remember last years roundup of Five Buttoned-Up Record Covers, featuring awesome record covers with buttons.

Today, let’s commemorate the 1971 album, What a Bunch of Sweeties, by the British punk band Pink Fairies.  Rumor has it that legendary button company Better Badges made their pins possible.

Checkout this breed of Hawkwind-y, crazy button-fueled, psychedelic, proto-punk by the Pink Fairies here.


Jim Keltner, qu’est-ce que c’est?  John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, referenced him as one of the most prolific session drummers in rock’n’roll history.

Pictured is a reproduction of Jim Keltner Fan Club buttons that George Harrison custom-ordered back in the day.  Check out the original pin here.

This badge was made for the production crew of AMERICAN MASTERS:  LENNONNYC documentary which premieres next Monday, November 22 on PBS.  They asked the Busy Beaver Design Service to recreate the art for them as a memento for the launch.

The Beatles’ inside joke, and the foundation of this gag-badge, is explained here:

Keltner’s relationship with the former Beatles was such that his name was used to parody McCartney on albums released by Harrison and Starr in 1973.

Early that year, Paul McCartney, the only Beatle not to have worked with Keltner, included a note on the back cover of his Red Rose Speedway album, encouraging fans to join the “Wings Fun Club” by sending a “stamped addressed envelope” to an address in London.

Later that year, both Harrison’s Living in the Material World and Starr’s Ringo contained a similar note encouraging fans to join the “Jim Keltner Fun Club” by sending a “stamped undressed elephant” to an address in Hollywood.

Click here to watch Jim Keltner, “discussing John Lennon’s particular genius.”  Do like George Harrison, and make your own fan club buttons here.

With the Buckeye spirit, it’s a pleasure to highlight the one-inch buttons buttons designed by the boutique Penelope’s for the new Button-O-matic SOUVENIR series, “based on a poster from the 30’s promoting Ohio nature and wildlife.”  Owner Joe Lauer explains,

We chose Ohio to celebrate our Midwest heritage and because although it is not commonly thought of as a travel destination, it is a great place to visit.

Ohio has been a theme for us personally and at Penelope’s for a while, and we wanted to commemorate our first road trip with our son to visit family outside of Sandusky.  Glad you like it.

We sure do, Joe!  Check out Penelope’s at 1913 West Division Street in Chicago, scope their wearable wares, and be sure to take their Button-O-matic vending machine for a whirl.