Creative people around the country are customizing the brand new one-inch square buttons here at Busy Beaver Button Co.

Since it’s a brand new shape and size only available here, go ahead and check out these three featured projects for “pinspiration!”

Classic Field Notes hangs out with the new one-inch square button for a sense of scale

1. Field Notes

Well-loved for its medium to capture creativity in a pocket sized notebook, the artfully crafted, blank livres known as Field Notes are often complimented by special-order buttons constructed with American-made materials.

Check out the new County Fair Field Notes line here, and the new one-inch square buttons accompanying their orders.

Self-referential 1-inch Square button designed by Michael Kostal

2.  Michael Kostal

You may remember Michael Kostal from his “Zombie Beaver” Scary BOOton contest submission last year, or or the button designs that nearly won him the 2009 Cut&Paste 2D Competition.

Here you see the “self referential button” the working designer implemented on the new one-inch square buttons!  Mike writes,

Most artists have had to work within limitations (monetary or medium), and sometimes it’s those very limitations that allow them to produce their best work.  For years we’ve been encouraged to think outside the box but now is the time to think inside the square!

Check out the Michael Kostal website here.

"Nerfect Mix Ups" feature interchangeable sets of one-inch square buttons


Britton Walters is an active artist whose website even boasts a Button Shop.

The brand new, one-inch square buttons offer a new medium for his artistic expression, and an opportunity to launch a new product called “Nerfect Mix Ups” of interchangeable pin sets.   Britton writes,

As for the new one-inch squares, I think they are pretty cool and I can see people thinking up some great uses for them. The ability to line them up next to each other and create larger images and compositions is one of the most exciting aspects to me.

I appreciate Busy Beaver so much for the research and development they do.  The constant growth of products and variations of the pin-back button inspires me to do new things with the format. Every time something like the new one-inch square buttons come out, I can’t help but wonder what I can make with them.

Awesome!  Buy Nerfect Mix-Ups button sets for $5 here.

Do you want to test drive the one-inch square buttons or show off your new projects? 

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