Erin Coleman is a growing hair stylist and friend of Busy Beaver Button Co.  She says,  “I’ve always loved buttons for as long as I could remember” and explains how she uses them as a memorable mementos for clients.

As an assistant stylist for Art+Science Salon, I know our Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Evanston locations are busy, but clients have a lot of options in the city.

I wanted a clever way to market myself that would really stand out AND stay with people. Business cards are handy, but they’re easy to throw away. I have a great FREE service to offer and paired with a great design, I knew that people would hold onto them and really take a good look at what I- and the buttons- had to offer.

I loved that Busy Beaver Buttons lent me a lot of options as to how I wanted my buttons to look. All I had to do was gather my design ideas and the Button crew was just as excited as I was to see my branding come to life.

It’s a great way to introduce myself to potential models for my free services on Mondays at the salon, and it helps clients remember which stylist they saw. I always hand them out to the models that come in, and one of my first models was even a former button collector who was super excited to get one from her new stylist!

Hairstyling and buttons go hand in hand- they’re both creative, unique ways to wear your personality and personal expression for the world to see!

For free haircuts at Art+Science Salon, email Erin at and check her availability on twitter: @erinsbighair