Pin-on your love with four new Tape Op one-inch buttons

Musicians, engineers, and gearheads love Tape Op magazine for creative recording solutions.  Are you ready to pin-on your love with four new one-inch buttons?

The website Good Mountain manages merch for Tape Op and sells the buttons set online.  Good Mountain co-founder John writes,

[A] husband and wife decided to start a business called Good Mountain — a good website run by good people selling good things. Most of what they sold was merchandise for a truly good music magazine called Tape Op.

After a few months of selling Tape Op merchandise, the husband and wife realized what they really needed to sell were some whizz-bang, damn fine-looking buttons.

With designs in hand, they put their trust in the good people of Busy Beaver Buttons, who always get the job done right. Man, those buttons sure did turn out nice.

There you have it!  Be friends with Good Mountain on Facebook here.  Buy the Tape Op buttons here.  Tell your own triumphant button story after you visit here.