Customize the world's only 24 karat gold plated buttons at Busy Beaver Button Co.

The first reaction to 24 karat gold-plated buttons is pretty much, “Whoa.”

Busy Beaver Button Co. developed the world’s first and only customizable, precious metal one-inch buttons to project the perceived value of these wearable objects into the stratosphere.

Amazing organizations customize this advertising specialty to express their messages in innovative ways.

For instance, Warp Records ordered the first run for their label’s New York anniversary party. 

KnifeFight launched an entire gold-plated button line with rad designs at an opening event.

And of course, Busy Beaver Button Co. distributed thousands of CURRENCY art buttons in Button-O-matic vending machines locations across the country.

Here’s your chance to partake in the next pressing of gold buttons!  Click here for prices, starting at $52 for 50 gold-plated buttons with free ground shipping.

KnifeFight custom, one-inch 24k gold-plated buttons are super awesome.

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