Hamper McKee Button on Drag City

Go ahead and Google, “Hamper McBee.”

You’ll see this button and The Good Old-Fashioned Way album for sale on the Drag City website, some recipes for moonshine, along with spoken-word videos online.

If you’re looking for his SonicBids page or Twitter, you’re out of luck.

The late Hamper McBee was a, “moonshiner, carnival barker, and ballad singer of legendary proportions.”  His, “prodigious talent and personality won him admirers not only in his native Smoky Mountains but throughout the folk music world, where his wholly unique approach told-time ballads and lyric songs struck like revelations,” according to VentVox.

“In 1978, Director Harmony Korine’s father Sol Korine shot a film about Hamper called Raw Mash. Sol spent six months in the Tennessee mountains with Hamper McBee and says that McBee drank 24 cans of beer a day and never got drunk.”  Click here for the full article.

A classy button for a classic guy!

Click here for the Hamper McBee button souvenir from Drag City.  Click here for the button company that makes them.