Nice Cream uses one-inch buttons to reflect the round imagery on ice cream lids

Chocolate and sweet basil.  Peaches and cream.  Fresh Strawberry with Angel Food Cake.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Nice Cream!

After receiving an ice cream maker as a wedding gift in June 2007, founder Kris Swanberg quickly became famous among family and friends for her fresh ingredients and exciting flavors.  She writes,

Nice Cream has been using Busy Beaver Buttons since our very first season in the Fall of 2008.  Like our ice cream, our buttons change seasonally so we order four different designs each season to match our four seasonal flavors.  It’s an awesome way to promote and, to be honest, the only way we promote.

Kris Swanberg (left) serves Nice Cream at Busy Beaver Grand Opening in August 2009

How does an ice cream company use buttons to promote their brand?  Kris explains,

If there is anything we like more than buttons, it’s collecting things and we encourage Nice Cream fans to collect as many flavors as they can!  Plus starting this Fall if you collect a button from every season, you’ll get a free pint of Nice Cream at the end of the year!

Even better, Kris is dropping off her new flavors when she picks up her new buttons today.  Taste Nice Cream for yourself on June 19 from 5-7PM at the Green Grocer in Chicago!