Black Holes button installation by Erin Zona

Artist Erin Zona employs buttons as art for a lot of reasons.  She writes, “I love the button medium because its small, fun to distribute, cheap and easy to produce in large editions or one-of-a-kind, but most importantly, the button as an art object holds a refined power similar to a large framed museum drawing or print.”

"Pin-back buttons - Installed by my tireless assistants," Erin Zona

Pictured here is her Black Holes installation with a variety of button shapes and messaging.  She explains, “I love that you can make a scribble on a little piece of paper with a pencil and through the button medium that scribble becomes a drawing, which becomes monumental.”

In an interview with button-maker Busy Beaver Button Co., Erin Zona writes, “One-of-a-kind buttons are my favorite.  I am drawn to things that are not what they seem.  A button in an edition of one subverts the very idea of what the pin-back button was invented to be.”

Black Holes, Fall 2009 by Erin Zona.

“I think giving away art is really fun.  My work outside of the button format is labor intensive and I get very attached to the work.  When it sells, I love the money, but it is critical to me that my buttons and other multiples undermine the art market and always be free at my exhibitions.”

The Black Holes button installation pictured here is one of many Erin Zona projects using buttons.  You can check out her work at Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center located at 1034 N. Milwaukee until June 12, 2010, tomorrow.  Visit her blog for more.