Set of four, original Keith Haring art buttons from 1984-1986

American-born artist Keith Haring expressed visually stunning work through a variety of mediums, including canvas, sculpture, the body of Grace Jones for her music video “I’m Not Perfect,” and one-inch buttons.

Collectible art buttons were available at the Keith Haring retail outlet called Pop Shop in SoHo among t-shirts, toys, posters and other objects from the 1980s until 2005.

The pin-back button became an iconic platform for Keith Haring as a wearable form of art also associated with politics.

Haring passed away in 1990, and his buttons continue to represent imagery of birth, death, love, sex and war.  As a cultural artifact that persists through time, you can click here to see Keith Haring buttons at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

Now you can collect an authentic set of twelve Keith Haring buttons from the Pop Shop online here.