Did you know that Busy Beaver donates a tree to the Arbor Foundation in honor of every button order this month?  It’s exciting for everyone here to see the “tree tally” rise in the hundreds, along with the popularity of the April Special 100% Recycled Paper.

Here’s a little explanation about the best practices Busy Beaver Button Co. uses:

Your Buttons
• Made in Chicago with American parts by Busy Beavers
• Choose the April Special for 100% Recycled Paper and Recycle Sign
• Assembled with steel button parts and local Midwest suppliers

Busy Beaver Button Co.
• Rehabbed, vintage storefront features geothermal heating and cooling
• Uses Recycled rubber floors, salvaged doors, fixtures, and cabinets
• Busy Beavers live close by, so they can ride bikes and walk to work

Have a tree planted by Wednesday, May 5 and click here to order the April Special.

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