Pepperoni King makes delicious rolls and buttons in Chicago

Local foodies Nice Cream, Upton’s Naturals, Provenance, and Lula Cafe use buttons to promote their delicious messages.

The newly crowned Pepperoni King, Brendan Murphy, makes delicious rolls in Chicago that are a popular snack in his West Virginia hometown.  Treats are comprised of pepperoni and a twist of pesto stuffed into flaky pastries.

What better way to promote round pepperonis than with round buttons?  Here’s what Brendan has to say:

I thought buttons were a perfect choice as a promotional tool. Everybody loves buttons, and will wear them even if they don’t know what is being advertised, as long as the graphic is appealing in some way.`

If they do, well they’re wearing it because they believe in the product, band, sentiment or next president. It serves a dual purpose; people want to wear or collect them, and they are a mini walking advertisement.

On a personal level, I though the Pepperoni King logo was tailor made for a button, large or small. It’s working- people take a button, and put it on right then and there, particularly if they’ve just sampled the pepperoni rolls. It looks like everybody’s happy.

Your savory rolls make people happy too, Pepperoni King!  Thanks to all of you culinary royalty for the delicious treats.  Make friends with the Pepperoni King on Facebook here.

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