April Special uses 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper for custom Buttons

Buttons are now available with a 100% Recycled Paper option for the April Special!   So what are they like?

•  High Quality

Choose to print your message on the brightest, whitest 100% post-consumer recycled paper on the market.  The texture is consistent and smooth, as pictured in the buttons above!  Every order receives a complimentary 100% Recycled Paper Button gift this month, too.

•  Affordable Innovation

Make a positive impact with your message with these friendly custom buttons at the same standard button price for the month of April.  It’s still just $25 for 100 one-inch black print buttons, with free shipping!

• Certified & Endorsed

Post-consumer recycled paper saves trees from landfills.  Choose the April Special so your custom buttons use 100% Recycled Paper that is FSC Certified and endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance. In fact, a tree will be planted for every single button order this month.

Now you can make custom buttons, at the same price, with a positive impact.

When you order, just say, “April Special and Recycle Sign” in the Additional Comments of your order.  Click here for more information about the April Special, and let us know how you like it!

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