"Every brand has a voice. It's what sets you apart from your competition. It’s what gives you your unique selling power." Cameron Clement, C3Brandworks

Marketing firm C3Brandworks utilizes “buttonography” in many ways, like incentives to participate in an Earth Day river clean up, to join programs, and connect with Facebook pages.  C3Brandworks makes several different button styles and sizes.  President & Brand Communications Director, Cameron Clement writes,

[Buttons] make great statements and present logo’s well at social and business related gatherings.  The buttons are great too for social awareness and charity campaigns.

Clement collects buttons, and his appreciation has grown for utilizing these cultural icons for fun and for business.  He writes,

We take our own company buttons every where we go.  They are fun to hand out along with a business card and cool to wear during seminars, signings and gatherings.  Just a great little cultural expression.  I often see designs we are working on as “button opportunities.”

Check out the C3Brandworks website here, and read their blog.

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