RS Design NYC limited edition Fluorescent Button Pack

Rosanna Spucces is a New York City graphic designer whose RS Designs NYC portfolio includes SONY BMG, Lionsgate, an AINYC graduate degree, and of course, buttons!  She recently customized the Fluorescent February Special with a mix of black light sensitive strawberry, green and pink buttons.

“Only 45 button packs have been made, and will NOT be reproduced.  You will find more great items and a countdown of how many packs are left on RS Designs NYC.  Each pack is numbered out of 45 (4/45). THE FIRST 15 BUYERS GET A CUSTOM HAND DRAWN STICKER!!”

Your 1.25-inch buttons are awesome, Rosanna.  See more photos and buy the limited edition button pack here.  Order your own custom buttons from Busy Beaver Button Co.

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Custom Fluorescent February buttons by Melinda Spruce