Blue in the Face uses one-inch buttons to promote their new record

Hundreds of bands and record labels have made buttons with Busy Beaver since 1995.  Blue in the face guitarist Derek Morris is one such musician that continues to use Busy Beaver for his different projects, including art.  When Busy Beaver moved into its new building in August, Derek sent a generous gift of two paintings.

Blue in the face releases its new record soon, and needs more buttons to promote it!  Derek writes,

Blue in the face uses buttons A LOT!! They are the best way to promote your band hands down. Buttons are very eye catching and easy to have on you to promote! They are cheap to buy an make a great inexpensive merch addition to CD’s and T-shirts.  Blue in the face uses Busy Beaver Buttons and they have never let us down, with other side projects and more! Always on time, rad condition, and long lasting! (Even through the washing machine!) AND AMAZING PRICING! “

Click here to listen to songs on MySpace.  Thank you for everything, Derek!

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Two paintings by Derek Morris with a Beaver statue mascot at the Dam