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"Reading is Sexy" 2.25-inch Button on is a four-person operation that started in 1999 as a way to help friends sell their awesome handmade items online.  Click here for Sarah Utter’s “Reading is Sexy” 2.25-inch button that smarties sport all around the world.  Busy Beaver is proud to manufacture pins with 100% American-made parts.

The creative crew just opened Land, their first retail store gallery in Portland, Oregon and it is the first Button-O-matic host in Oregon.  Check them out at 3925 North Mississippi Ave, just down the street from the Fresh Pot where Fake Your Own Death zine hosts their signature Button-O-matic Series tomorrow in Portland.  Click here to visit Land online.

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land button-o-matic portland

The store Land is the first Button-O-matic Location in Portland, OR