Button-O-matic with Alex from Busy Beaver and Liz from Quimby's

Since 2002, the Busy Beaver Button-O-matic released buttons from 120 artists, including Tim Biskup from Gama-Go, Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo, Jesse Le Doux of Le Douxville, and comic book artist Chris Ware.  Every year, a new series fills the forty Button-O-matic machines across the country.  Where do you think the the retired button series go?

The “Best Of the Button-O-matic” all go to Quimby’s, Chicago’s destination for the first amendment in print.  Liz from Quimby’s writes, “Quimby’s and its customers appreciates the small things in life.  Like little buttons with little pictures on them in little plastic bubbles in a little machine.” Glad you agree, Liz!

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