"Two's Missing" by the Who album art with buttons

"Two's Missing" by The Who album art with buttons

The Who album art for the 1987 compilation of hard-to-obtain tracks features a painting by Richard Evans with super-mod-buttons on guitarist Pete Townshend and an enormous “ELVIS FOR EVERYONE” button on rock’n’roll drummer hero, Keith Moon.  It’s probably 4-inches in diameter!

Two’s Missing” includes the “Can’t Explain” rare b-side “Bald Headed Woman” complete with Jimmy Page guitar solo (“he owned the only fuzz box in the country at that time”),  Rolling Stones covers like “Last Time,” and the Martha & the Vandellas hit “Heatwave.”

I love to buttons in action on record covers, like the MC5, GG Allin, and Thee Makeout Party.  Do you have a favorite?

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