Lidia designs Evil Kitty Button Business Cards

Lidia designs Evil Kitty Button Business Cards to pass out at festivals

It was buttons-at-first-sight when Lidia handed me a pre-pinned, silk-screened Evil Kitty tote-bag at Pitchfork.  She uses buttons on her groovy business cards and describes how she uses them:

I’ve been giving out your [Busy Beaver] buttons at Pitchfork, Lolla and the Reading festival in the UK!  I also had them at a Sidewalk sale at the Daley Plaza this summer.   I also send them out with every on-line order.  As you can tell, I’m out and I need to get more soon.  For some reason I failed to obtain even one photo of me ambushing people in the crowd and forcing them to take my buttons (not  really, most people loved them).

Check out the Evil Kitty t-shirt sale at the opening of the Creative Lounge at Navy Pier in Chicago on October 16th, 2009.  Click here for the Evil Kitty website.  Click here for more photos on the Busy Beaver Flickr.

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