Circa Estate Winery Buttons by TANDEM>> design

Circa Estate Winery one inch buttons by TANDEM>> design agency

Remember the groovy Herman Miller Lifework buttons that TANDEM>> design agency made through Busy Beaver?  Check out their latest project for Circa Estate Winery here.

Northern Michigan is fast becoming one of the premier wine regions in the state— and the country.  So when Circa Estate Winery came to Tandem to help with a new winery concept that was a little, well, off the beaten path, we jumped at the chance to help with their branding and packaging. We developed Circa as a brand concept centered around timelessness and subjectivity. It is “anything to everybody.” Because each person and palete is different, each wine is a blank canvas—an experience all your own.

The buttons we designed for Circa reflected just that. Each button displays a different word describing wine. Customers can then take which button they feel describes them best: saucy, sweet, sexy, naive, brooding… there are over 30 in all. And of course—customers love them! They go fast, so the owners keep ordering more, and we keep asking Busy Beaver to print them!

It’s awesome to see buttons at work with wine.

Circa Estate Winery buttons by TANDEM>> design agency

Circa Estate Winery buttons by TANDEM>> design agency

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