Show the world that "I Met Reva"

You’re in for a prize when you meet blogger/baker Reva from the WeTV show Amazing Wedding Cakes.  She explains:

A few weeks ago we met a nice guy in an antique store in Petaluma, CA who recognized Reva from the show…and after we left we realized we didn’t even catch his name!!  So, we talked about how to handle these moments in the future to make sure everyone knows how fun it is to meet all of you and this is one of the ideas we came up with:  BUTTONS!!!

These little 1″ buttons telling the world that yes, you did indeed meet Reva, were created by the great folks at Busy Beaver Buttons.  Aren’t they the cutest?

Then, wear it around on lanyards or hats or backpacks, whatever you can pierce with a pin, you can have a button on it!  And if someone asks you if you’re a big Guiding Light fan, tell them you met a real Reva!  And send us pictures if you do get one and I’ll post it here on Happy Sugar Baking Land.

Click here to learn more about collecting Reva buttons.

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