Button-O-matic Mystery Capsule Revealed!

Button-O-matic Mystery Capsule Revealed!

Did you know there are two mystery buttons in every Button-O-matic across the country?  David Kevin Williams is the first to find a the blind capsule.  His story of discovery:

Yes, I got one of the 25 mystery buttons, I had always been a button person, I used to pin them everywhere…and in the process of digging out old boxes for repacking I found a very old Debbie Harry button I’ve had for years and just popped it on, the fever took over right away I started wearing them all over again.  So Monday Sept 14th I went shopping at Reckless Records at 3161 N Broadway in Chicago. While there I saw the machine and decided to buy my first button for my old hobby from a gumball type dispenser.

He describes the mystery button:

I thought all the buttons featured looked cool, but I wondered why there was a empty spot with a ? mark, I put in my 50 cents and had no idea what was going on till I got home and read the paper with the ? marks on it, I got lucky! its a very nice design, temple, bug, its very cool.  I feel lucky….to take up buttoning again after a decade and the first purchase be lucky.  Thanx again for the pleasant lil surprise, its these small things that make life fun!

Tim Biskup and Jennifer Daniels each designed a special button for a limited edition run of 30 in this blind capsule.  Have you seen it?

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