Threadless Meet Up in Chicago

3rd Annual Threadless Family Reunion

This was a weekend for buttons with Busy Beaver at Renegade Craft Fair, Eye Spy Optical, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and the 3rd Annual Threadless Family Reunion.

Threadless united designers, bloggers, and tee-lovers from across the country for a weekend of festivities.  Saturday included infinite button-making by yours truly where artists like Ginette Lapalme, Alex Solis, and Jillustration made 2.25-inch buttons in fluorescent pink, standard yellow, paper bag, and glow in the dark.

Artists Julia Sonmi Heglund, Philip Tseng, and tee shirt manufacturers made presentations amidst fun and games.  Threadless founder Jake Nickell attempted to break the Guinness World Record for “most t-shirts worn by a human” and made it to 166 shirts without keeling over.  Pretty awesome!

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