"I've been really into buttons and patches and adorning myself with logos since getting into punk and junk. They're like medals you wear that let people know that you like stuff." -Nicholas Gazin

Artist Nicholas Gazin makes drawings and and is self-proclaimed as “more of a liney guy than a graphic shapes guy.”  He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Vice Magazine comics mini-issue, and recently exchanged portraits with Button-O-matic Series 9 GLOW contributor Johnny Ryan from Angry Youth Comix.  Nick also designed a purple, super indulgent tee shirt for Threadless you can buy here.

Dustin Hostetler aka Upso from Threadless Select curated the GOLD Button-O-matic Series Ten and recruited Nicholas to design for Busy Beaver Buttons with the theme Currency.

Check out what Nick came up with for his button designs.

“I Need Money” is available in Button-O-matic machines across the country starting August 10 and you can click here for the location nearest you.  Nicholas Gazin’s button design is available in limited edition gold and nickel-plating.

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