Kegan Sims, a true-blooded Beaver Believer!

Kegan Sims, "A true-blooded Beaver Believer"

What better way is there to start a Busy Beaver work week than with this photo in your inbox?

Thank you to Amy Charron from Oregon State University for submitting this picture of Kegan Sims rocking 1.25-inch buttons featuring Powered By Orange, a network of alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends and fans who make a positive impact in Oregon and beyond.  Amy writes,

To build awareness around the campaign, Powered By Orange buttons are given to the students and staff across the OSU community that participate in campaign videos, banners and other materials. The buttons have become so popular that many academic departments are requesting them, too!

Powered By Orange includes buttons made just for kids that say, “I Wanna be a Beaver.”  Now that’s something we can stand behind.

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P.S. Check out that awesome Beaver hat…