Twipple Magnets used as "Removable Grafitti"

Twipple Magnets used as "Removable Grafitti"

When Floyd Hayes sold “voicevertising” to Hall’s Fruit Breezers, he made quite a splash in the marketing world.  These days Floyd causes a stir on Twitter through encouraging random acts of kindness, called Twipple.  The Twipple logo reflects the Butterfly Effect, founded by Edward Lorenz:

The idea was that if a butterfly chances to flap his wings in Beijing in March, then, by August, hurricane patterns in the Atlantic will be completely different.

Is it possible to achieve this phenomenon with kind acts?  Twipplers encourage each other to plant seeds, compliment a stranger on their jeans “without sounding creepy,” and give gifts as a way to improve society at large.  Floyd chooses Busy Beaver Button Co. to make his custom Twipple magnets and buttons:

They’re fun to put around too. Less “aggressive” than paint, pens or stickers. They just lift off – how can anyone get cross at that?

Floyd leaves them at New York bars, distributes them to Twipplers, and sticks the them unsuspecting light poles (see photo).  Have you Twippled lately?

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