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Busy Beaver Button-O-matic Series 10 is GOLD

Busy Beaver Button-O-matic Series 10 is curated by Dustin Hostetler aka Upso

Investing in gold and art is for everyone.  Join Busy Beaver Button Company to celebrate the Grand Opening of its new headquarters with a new Button-O-matic series featuring the first-ever 24-karat gold buttons on August 8, 2009 in Chicago.

Series Ten curator Dustin Hostetler aka Upso from Threadless Select and Faesthetic Magazine used the theme “Currency” to organize artists like once-Gama Go contributor and pop painter Tim Biskup, Part & Parcel designer Damien Correll, Print Magazine’s 20 Under 30 New Visual Artists Jennifer Daniel, Fudge Factory Comics’ Travis Millard, 80s and 90s nostalgic designer Spacesick, psychedelic illustrator Ginette Lapalme, STEAK MTN designer Christopher Norris, the fantastical Luke Ramsey, technical artist Geoffery Todd Smith, and Brooklyn-based poster man Nicholas Gazin.

For a dollar or less, you can own a wearable piece of art available in thirty vending machines across the country.  Button-O-matic locations include Reckless Records in Chicago, Domy Books in Austin, and Giant Robot in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Busy Beaver makes 1-inch gold buttons available to everyone for customization through

Mayor Daley thanks Alex for the Custom Gold Buttons

Mayor Daley thanks Alex for the Custom Gold Buttons

It’s a good feeling when you get a hand-signed thank you letter from the Mayor of Chicago.  It’s cool that Daley has an appreciation for the 1-inch gold buttons, and we look forward to making more for him!  Check out his fancy, letterpress seal at the top and the die cut fold.

Check out the photo of Mayor Daley and Alex hanging out with gold buttons on.

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