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Touring band John Wesley Coleman from Goner Records came by Busy Beaver Button Co. to check out the new Button Museum and decorate their own 2.25-inch buttons this afternoon.  Check them out at Crown Liquors tonight.

Check out an opening for the Busy Beaver Button-O-matic curated by Nathan McKee and Fake Your Own Death on November 5 featuring an awesome lineup of artists, like Bwana Spoons, Ty Ennas, and Rob Doran at the Fresh Pot in Portland, Oregon.

Learn more about the Button-O-matic project here.

Artist Chris Corbalis reminds you that, “Chicago loves you” on one-inch SOUVENIR buttons for Strange Cargo.  Get ‘em in their Wrigleyville Button-O-matic, then pin it over your heart!  Visit them online here.

Celebrate the life of a prolific musician and activist John Lennon with this button retrospective brought to you by the Busy Beaver Button Museum.

Every person who orders buttons in October receives a limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark button this month!

Illustration by Archer Prewitt and vampire teeth by your friends at Busy Beaver Button Co.  Want your own?  Buy it for 99¢ here.

Awesome 2.25-inch Halloween “Horrorscope” button from 1964 still looks current in the vintage collection here at Busy Beaver Button Co.


Welcome a new, groovy neighbor to the neighborhood!  The Shake Shop is a rock’n’roll clubhouse in Logan Square for musicians in need of instrument repair, records, and band accessories.

Say hi to owner/local musician/guitar doctor extraordinaire Tom Cassling, and check out their rad glow-in-the-dark buttons next time you visit at 3247 W. Fullerton in Chicago.

Artist Mei Stewart represents Art Supply Warehouse in the new Busy Beaver Button-O-matic Series with this SOUVENIR-themed design.  She explains, Read the rest of this entry »


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